Clinical Psychologist

Josephine Miller

Clinical Psychologist

Jo completed her undergraduate psychology training in Scotland, and holds a Masters of Clinical Psychology from the University of the Sunshine Coast. She has experience in working with clients in both the private and community sectors and has worked in both regional and rural settings.

Jo has a passion for supporting people to better understand themselves, recognise their strengths, build self-confidence, and feel empowered to live authentically. She celebrates the uniqueness of people and their individual values. Jo is warm, authentic, and non-judgmental in her approach, and believes it is a privilege to be a part of her clients’ journeys.

Jo works with adults to better understand and change unhelpful patterns of thinking and behaving that negatively impact on their wellbeing. These patterns could include generally not feeling good enough as a person; being attracted to unhealthy relationships; being self-critical or perfectionistic; struggling to find balance in life and always prioritising work or achievement at the cost of fun and relaxation; people pleasing and feeling fearful of saying no; or focusing on the negative and thinking the worst is going to happen. Jo feels passionate about giving her clients the tools to understand their life patterns, learn how they developed, and empower themselves to heal them. She believes that, with the right support and environment, everyone has the potential to build a life that aligns with their individual needs and values.

Jo has a special interest in working with people who find themselves in repeated patterns of unhealthy relationships, including survivors of narcissistic abuse, and supporting them to understand and heal from their experiences. She is also experienced in providing evidence-based treatments for anxiety disorders including generalised anxiety disorder, panic disorder and social anxiety disorder, and working with people who have experienced childhood trauma. Jo mainly uses Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Schema Therapy (ST) in her work.

Interested in joining our team at Anxiety House Sunshine Coast (AHSC)?

    • Masters and/or Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
    • Eligible for registration with AHPRA as an endorsed “Clinical Psychologist” or eligibility for the clinical psychology registrar program
    • Eligible for Medicare registration
    • Professional indemnity insurance
    • Clinical supervision
      – Supportive team environment
    • Peer mentoring
    • Modern refurnished consulting rooms
    • Stream of referrals
    • Psychiatry input with our sister practice Oxford Clinic
    • On site educational and developmental assessments
    • Full-time on-site reception services
    • Internet
    • Company email
    • Practice management software
    • Continued professional development offerings as a team
    • Marketing service.
    • Private practice mentoring
    • Career development and company progression
    • Free training in OCRD and Eating Disorders.
    • Working in a well-established clinic with a solid reputation
    • Be part of a larger organisation with sister clinics in Brisbane (double CPD)
    • Attractive remuneration
    • Ability to develop your skills within niche areas
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