You Are Stronger Than Your Anxiety

Most people will not easily notice someone who has high-functioning anxiety, as these people appear successful, happy, and active in our society. But, in truth, they struggle internally, fearing failure or disappointment. Nobody ever sees them battling inside because they are good at portraying a successful persona. Having this type of anxiety allows them to project a calm and confident personality when deep inside their emotions clash.  

A person with high-functioning anxiety usually appears to be outgoing, organized, punctual, proactive, detail-oriented, helpful, passionate, and even loyal in relationships, but deep within themselves they also hate that they are a people-pleaser. They overthink to the point of experiencing difficulty in falling asleep. They become so apprehensive that they always need reassurance. Some people with this kind of anxiety may also experience physical or mental fatigue, inability to enjoy the moment, extreme dependence to their partner or spouse, and potential for alcohol or drug abuse as a coping mechanism.

True, people will not come to notice that someone has personal issues within, but they know within themselves that they are being mentally crippled by their anxiety. This is because they limit themselves and not deviate outside their comfort zone. Their actions are often dictated by anxiety that they fail to see what is happening around and enjoy the moment; they are too busy worrying with how to calm themselves in situations that are not in their favour. Asking for help is something that is hard for them to do because they already think that it’s pointless and that the outcome will always be the same: bad.

If you have the symptoms mentioned above and you haven’t been diagnosed with high-functioning anxiety, gather the strength to ask your family for help and have yourself assessed with a doctor for proper and effective treatment. There are many a psychologist Sunshine Coast who are highly trained professionals that provide treatments for different kinds of anxiety disorders.

You may also try other solutions to see what works for you. You can try meditation for at least 10 minutes every day, limiting caffeine intake, starting eating a healthy and balanced diet, and getting some exercise.

Stick to a regular bedtime. If you can’t help it, get up and do something else until you feel tired.

Observe your thinking pattern by turning negative predictions to something helpful. Hold on to the positive thoughts and traits that you have, and surround yourself with friends whom you can trust to share your inner feelings with, without the fear of being judged.

Be true to yourself and the people around you. One mistake doesn’t define you. And it certainly will not make the world stop. So don’t overthink on unnecessary negative things. Instead, try to see the endless possibilities of the good side. Always remember that it is still best to have a licensed psychologist Sunshine Coast to guide you throughout the treatment process, as this will ensure the long-term success in treating your high-functioning anxiety.