Symptoms of anxiety you are embarrassed to discuss about

Living with a mental health condition comes with unwanted symptoms. People who suffer from anxiety usually stutter when they are talking and are unable to control their emotions. Some find these so embarrassing that sometimes people turn down social plans. The only way to break the stigma that surrounds the symptoms of anxiety is to discuss the condition openly.

Here are some of the signs and symptoms of anxiety people are suffering from as the condition hits.


When people get anxious, their bodies start to overheat, and their heart rate rises. When they get nervous, they also tend to sweat, sometimes excessively.

Skin Picking

Some who suffer from anxiety try to pull the skin off their fingers, pick at scabs, spots, or toenails until they bleed. They end up having sores all the time.

Unable to Leave Home

Due to anxiety, people cancel plans of going out with friends as they prefer to stay at home. They fear being judged for their odd behaviour and therefore resolve to avoid people and stay indoors.

Nausea and Vomiting

People who have prolonged anxieties may feel light-headed, and, as a result, start vomiting. This can be prevented by taking prescribed medication.


People who experience anxiety attacks sometimes stutter, and they are made fun of their speech disorder.

Overthinking and crying all the time

Those who suffer from anxiety become overly sensitive that they cry for taking everything personally. A problem that hasn’t been resolved yet makes an anxious person become more bothered, as waiting causes them to be impatient and to think of the worst possible scenarios.

Rashes and splotches

Anxiety can also cause physical irritability. Their skin becomes itchy that they can’t stop scratching, which reddens their skin. And the thought of sensitive skin may sometimes worsen the person’s anxiety.

If you know any other signs and symptoms of anxiety, comment down below!