People Living With Generalised Anxiety Disorder

People with generalised anxiety disorder experience excessive, exaggerated anxiety and worry about their life events for no particular reasons. They tend to expect things negatively and won't stop worrying about family, work, health, school or money. These expectations are mostly out of proportion for the situation or unrealistic.

Here are some situations where the anxiety takes place:

Crowded Place. Most people with the anxiety have a rare feeling that begins in their chest and will squeeze the life out of them when there are in large crowds. This includes concerts, parades, sports events and any events that trigger mass hysteria. They feel unsafe with they are in these places.

Being Introvert. People with GAD wants more space than ordinary people do. They are mostly introvert but a fraction of an extrovert. They cannot find their centre without comfort, and they might leave you to wonder what’s wrong with them. You will be left to confusion why these people don’t want to talk or accompany you suddenly.

Sleepless Nights. There will be times that these people can’t sleep a wink. They have the feeling of night terrors when they try to relax or sleep. As they take medicines, they also experience side effects and along with these are muscles that ache all the time. So, they will make themselves full awake and worry about these things again.

Bothered by Loud Noises. People with anxiety fear the unpleasant noises from fireworks, thunder, drums and any sound that triggers their stress sensors suddenly. They want to live in the quietest place which allows them to anticipate any loud noises. They will find a place that will make them comfortable and away from these noises.

The difficulty of Concentrating. In most cases, GAD can prevent people from focusing on a specific thing. An individual with anxiety will be having a hard time finishing particular tasks. It makes people easily distracted by small things. The difficulty of thinking or concentrating can create adverse effects on an individual as it hinders the person to think normally without any diversion.

It is important to know how people with generalised anxiety disorder live with their life to fully understand their experiences and emotions. People with anxiety are often misjudged, and this will likely worsen their feelings towards the anxiety. These people have confused minds, and they need comfort especially from their family or close friends.