Fees & Rebates

Fees & Rebates for Psychology

Registered Psychologist

Session fee: $150
Rebate: $86.15
Out-of-pocket: $63.85

Clinical Psychologist

Session fee: $190
Rebate: $126.50
Out-of-pocket: $63.50

About Medicare Rebates

All our Psychologists are registered with Medicare. To see one of our Clinical or Registered Psychologists you don’t need a referral from a GP. A referral is only needed if you wish to claim Medicare rebates. If you require a Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) you will need to make a long appointment with your GP. They will make an assessment about whether you are eligible.

Eligible clients with a psychiatrist referral or MHCP issued by a GP will be entitled to claim Medicare rebates with our psychologists as follows:

  • up to 10 individual sessions claimable per calendar year.
  • $126.50 rebate per session with a Clinical Psychologist;
  • $85.15 rebate per session with a Registered Psychologist.

At the end of your appointment, you will be invoiced the full session fee. At the same time, your Medicare rebate can be claimed, and Medicare will deposit the corresponding rebate into your nominated bank account.
Make an appointment to talk to your GP to find out whether you are eligible or call us on if you have any questions.

Private Health Insurance Rebates

All our psychologists are registered with private health insurance providers in Australia. If you have private health insurance, you may be eligible to claim rebates for psychological sessions. The level of cover and any applicable waiting periods vary between providers and depends on your extras cover policy. To find out if you are eligible and/or how much funding you are entitled to claim for psychological sessions, please contact your private health insurance. Your private health insurance may ask for the item code that will show on your invoice. Please see the psychological session item codes below for your perusal:

  • 100 – Initial Consultation with Registered or Clinical Psychologist
  • 200 – Follow-up Consultation with Registered or Clinical Psychologist
  • 300 – Couples Therapy Consultation with Registered or Clinical Psychologist.

If you were eligible to claim private health insurance rebates for psychological sessions, we can process your rebates electronically at the end of your appointment and you only pay the gap fee, should you be covered by any of the providers listed below. Alternatively, you can claim any rebates directly with your provider after the session.

Making sure you get the best outcome is our priority and a “win-win” situation for us. So book now!