Our Values

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At Anxiety House, we hold core values that represent our character and mirror our everyday practice. They describe who we are as individual professionals and who we are as a clinic, and make us a notable provider of care and treatment for our clients struggling with mental illness.

Our core values are as follows:


  • We take pride in our high ethical standards.
  • We possess the integrity that guides us in what we do, what is right and wrong, and how we do it every day.


  • We welcome original ideas and are open to various psychological practices.
  • We support therapist growth and promote an encouraging and caring environment for our clients.
  • We are driven by wisdom and knowledge.


  • We provide excellence in clinical care, service, and communication.
  • We are more than qualified for this profession---we have years of experience in our respective field.


  • We hold community and client accountability.
  • We are likewise accountable to each other for delivering the finest services.