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Who we are?

In a normal job ad, this whole paragraph is used to tell you our corporate vision, what our values are, and all the other cut and paste information.  It is the bit, where you skim read it, and then jump straight down to how much we are paying.

But we are different. 

Rather than us tell you, what it is like to work for Anxiety House, here is what some of our team members say.

“I am surrounded by caring people who love what they do, who they see and who they work with which give me PRIDE in my workplace. I see people come in for their first visit very uncomfortable or scared and over time grow in confidence which gives me a sense of pride in what we do. And between all of this we laugh and have fun with what we do – this makes the busy hard days worthwhile.”
“I really love that Anxiety House is collaborative and focuses on the wellbeing of not just the clients, but the staff as well. I have heard that private practise can be quite isolating, and so I really get the value, of being a part of the team at Anxiety House. It has a genuine team vibe, and everyone is social, and supportive of each other.”
“So, the things I love most....

excellent pay, a beautiful clinic for clients to visit and to work in, excellent Admin, ability to work independently, whilst knowing that there is excellent support available if needed. I do not know how to word this - but excellent referral base, with great clients (i.e. motivated, reliable, great clinical work with the presentations I love working with the most). Also love the way systems have been set up to maximise efficiency (so minimising paperwork time, whilst still maintaining a quality service).

Really supportive and friendly team.”

Are we a swipe right for you?

Keep reading.

What we do

We focus on the treatment of anxiety and obsessive disorders. We only use evidence-based treatments and we routinely measure that we are meeting our clients’ needs, not just in the treatment room, but throughout their whole experience with us.

We pay well, but also build in lots of training, support mentoring and are really family focussed. We back each other up and while we are serious about helping our clients, we do not take ourselves seriously. 

Positions available:

If the following positions apply to you (and you have the relevant qualifications to match), you should get in touch with the position number and CV.

  • PO1 Clinical Psychologist (Anxiety House Brisbane)
  • PO2 Clinical Psychologist (Anxiety House Sunshine Coast)
  • PO3 Educational and Developmental; Psychologist (Anxiety House Brisbane)
  • PO4 Educational and Developmental; Psychologist (Anxiety House Sunshine Coast)
  • PO5 Clinical Psychologist (OCD Clinic Brisbane) 
  • PO6 Clinical Psychologist (Oxford Clinic)

“Boring but essential criteria”

  • Essential Criteria:
  • Master’s degree, Doctorate, or PhD in Clinical Psychology
  • Eligible to register with Medicare as a Clinical Psychologist or Educational and Developmental Psychologist. 
  • Self-motivated and enjoys being part of a team
  • Suit someone wanting long term stability in private practice

Wait there is more…

We also offer the following

  • Full-time administrative/reception support
  • Available to work flexible days and hours (Saturdays are available but not compulsory)
  • One-on-one private practice mentoring sessions with a senior psychologist
  • Free training in OCD, BFRB, Anxiety Disorders
  • Two in house Professional Development Series per year
  • Full registration with AHPRA (Clinical Endorsement)
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Demonstrated skills to build rapport and engage clients
  • Experience working with clients within a range of presenting issues
  • Opportunity to work across four clinics for added training/variability

If this sounds like a good fit for you, please send your CV indicating which position you are interested into Dr Emily O’Leary at

  • Application

    Anxiety House Sunshine Coast is rapidly growing and we encourage you to be part of the team. Together, let us help those people who are suffering from mental disorders. If you’re interested, please complete the form below and we will reach out to you.